Cover design




Rica Allenic (editor), Doris Cooper (editor)

Art Direction:

Stephanie Huntwork, Marysarah Quinn


Clarkson Potter

Luke Barr charts the rise of Cesar Ritz and Auguste Escoffier, who revolutionized the hoteling and culinary worlds with their groundbreaking partnership in the turn of the 20th century. The art direction given was to convey the opulence that Ritz and Escoffier brought to the Savoy hotel and later, the Ritz. Initially, I tried various photographic directions since it is a historical non-fiction. Archival photos are one of my favorite things to get lost in but they tend to not look so great as visual analogies for covers. After some research on this angle, I decided to try an illustration.

Since so much of the action happens within the Savoy and Ritz, I started out with the idea of showing a outsider-looking-in on a glamorous party. A lot of the visual cues I took from a historical photo of the Ritz itself, and exaggerated the proportions.

While I love this cover, it is a little busy and literal. The final cover is much more abstract, using the form of a chandelier to act as a visual metonym for luxury.

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