Primitive Technology




Primitive Technology




Angelin Borsics (editor)

Art Direction:

Stephanie Huntwork (art director), Marysarah Quinn (creative director)



I haven’t ever worked on a book like Primitive Technology, a practical guide to recreating ancient dwellings, tools and weapons. Structurally, it isn’t much different from a cookbook though obviously the content is not the same. There’s a lot of different sized images throughout—step-by-steps, one-color illustrations, landscape photography— and a lot of information—instructions, list of tools needed, sidebars— to be organized.

Organizing along a 3-column grid gave me room to have one-column side notes that are not too narrow for the text but also not competing with the main text. It also gave a good amount of flexibility for expanding the images as needed to provide some visual moments.

The look of the layouts was inspired a lot by national parks guides, Modernist manuals and woodblock printing.

Ultimately the final cover was not this one but a pickup of its overseas counterpart so that there was continuity/recognition across publications. You can see it on the author’s site.

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