Jen Wang

Multidisciplinary designer with experience in publishing, branding, and user experience. Collaborates with a range of people, from the commercial space to public institutions. Available for freelance.

Featured Project




Rodney Scott's World of BBQ


Design, art direction


Raquel Pelzel (editor), Jerrelle Guy (photographer

Art Direction:

Stephanie Huntwork, Marysarah Quinn


Clarkson Potter

This was one of the books I had just started working on when COVID hit. In those early days, being creative while figuring out how to work-from-home while maintaining my sanity was not easy. Being transported into beautiful, joyful photos of people enjoying delicious food together helped.

The design of the book refers to but doesn’t recreate the style of Rodney Scott’s restaurants, similarly to Trejo’s Tacos. I chose display typefaces that nodded towards tradition without veering into the realm of pastiche. The layouts were designed to give a sense of the tactile, low-tech nature of Rodneys’ style of cooking honed by years of putting in the work and doing it well.

Also like Trejo’s Tacos, we scheduled a separate shoot with the author for the cover. Since the shoot was taking place in Alabama, I art directed Jerrelle by providing her comparative covers and a mock up of what I was aiming for, as well as suggested areas to shoot the author based on some Google maps sleuthing of the Rodney Scott BBQ located there. Needless to say, Jerrelle hit the mark and then some.

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