Jen Wang

Designer with experience ranging from creating books to shaping user experiences.

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Book design


Design, Art direction


Raquel Pelzel (editor), Ed Anderson (photography)

Art Direction:

Stephanie Huntwork, Marysarah Quinn


Clarkson Potter

Everybody may know Danny Trejo’s face, but I think I was the only person in my department who also recognized his name among the pile of briefs on my boss’s desk. It’s always a great privilege to be able to work on projects you have some personal or emotional connection to. As a kid growing up in LA watching more action movies than is probably advisable, how could I not pounce on this book?

While covers always feature original art, sometimes they do need to be specifically shot. This was one such case. I created a few mock ups for our team to discuss and work out. The logistics and details were new to me and I had lots of help from my art director and editor to wrangle loose ends. We weren’t there to witness the shoot (it was in LA) so were very dependent on the pre-planning and coordination between the author, photographer and ourselves to have the shoot go smoothly.

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